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Football on the ground

The Beautiful Game

Watching and Playing  Football Game is one of my Favorite hobby.I have taken a step further to bring the soccer fans even more close via this blog. Here I would present classic soccer stories, latest soccer updates, and even CONTENT ON DEMAND.It is my best effort to never let the interest down of my readers.

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If you are an ardent reader and admire the power of words then you have come to right place. Here you would get content on classic literature Stories, Novel, Essays, and Poetry. I would provide my best to give readers something worth reading!

film Shooting Camera in Black


Some movie had always thrilled you, inspired you and sometimes even make your eyes watery.That’s what Cinema does. It drives you from within. The Author would like to present some part of Pleasure by means of words you would get here a quality content over splendid cinema Analysis ranging from genres of ROMANCE, HORROR, THRILLER and many more.

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Technology lures us all and we all are attached to it for our everyday tasks.So why not discover more about this? Here I would present latest innovative research theories, top lists of gadgets and much more beyond this.

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Mritunjaycreativex is an excellent platform for netizens who are avid readers and inquisitive about wide-ranging topics from sports to literature. It's an online library for cinephiles, football fanatics, and logophiles. What separates this website from others is the fact that it gives a rare insight into the author's mind, which is rewarding in itself. one of the other stand-alone features of this site is its content on demand feature. So followers of the website get the opportunity to let the author know, the topics they'd like him to write on.In my experience, it was easy to access, not time-consuming. The layout is fairly straightforward, making it easy to access. All in all, this is a website I'd recommend for people with similar hobbies.
Usually, I don't read blogs, but the way the author write them is in very simple language and beautifully interpreted, it is easily understandable and also the topics are very interesting. so I can't keep myself away from reading your blogs. Keep blogging regularly, choose some social topics also and burn the web world with your writing...
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Blogger on the rise.Yeah! The Author of this blog has a diverse aspect of knowledge.This blog is away from mere circumferential stuff and brings you to the gospel of the subject.The best part is CONTENT ON DEMAND feature where the blogger passionately carries out research on your subject and put it before you in this blog. With time the blog will be developed and it will effectively serve your purpose.Keep Shining blogger