voice assistants

voice assistants-Applications of Artificial Intelligence

voice assistants-Applications of Artificial Intelligence


voice assistants are the new face for interaction of humans with the Smartphones and other gadgets. Artificial intelligence has progressed to such an advanced level that everything now works on automation.lets take a look at the brief history of speech recognition and its developments. Later we will look at various voice assistants, Pros and Cons of A.I and what is the future of voice assistants

History and Timeline

1961-Introduction of Shoebox by IBM. It was the first speech recognition software which understood 16 words
1972-Introduction of Harpy Program which recognized 1000 words
1990-Introduction of first Speech recognition for consumers called Dragon Dictate. Its Price was around $6000
1996-Microsoft brings out Clippy, office assistant for Microsoft office
April 14,2011-Apple brings out its personal Assistant called Siri
July 9,2012-Google introduced Google Now
April 2,2013-Microsoft launched Cortana
2014-Amazon introduces Alexa and Amazon Echo
March 1,2016-Soundhound launches Hound
October 5,2016-Samsung acquires Viv
November 4,2016-Google launches Google Home
March 2016-Samsung launches Bixby virtual Assistant
June 5,2017-Apple Introduces Homepad
August 30,2017-Amazon and Microsoft announce that Cortana and Alexa can interact with each other
November 16,2017-Baidu launches Raven H virtual assistant
February 23,2018-Google announces that Google Assistant would be able to understand 30 languages by end of 2018


yandex alice


Yandex Alice official logo

It is also known as alisa virtual assistant

Introduced on 10 October 2017
Alice-Voice assistant owned by Yandex
Available for Android, iOS, and Windows
yandex voice assistant understands and communicates only in Russian
Voice software inspired by a program in movie Her
The voice output of  ai voice assistant is based on Russian actress Tatyana Shitova


yandex alice download-Yandex Alice apk


Genie-tmall genie


Genie Logo

It is Open platform software by alibaba tmall
Introduced on October 12, 2017
Communicates only in Mandarin and Chinese
Utilized in Tmall Genie Speaker
Capable of Voice Recognition, Voiceprint recognition, and semantic understanding

Genie apk download-Genie Voice Assistant apk

Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa official Logo

what is amazon alexa-Intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon

amazon alexa review

Introduced on November 2014
Available on iOS 8.0+, Android 4.4+ and Fire OS 5.0
Available in English French German Japanese language

amazon alexa setup

  • Download the Alexa app and sign in.
  • Turn on Amazon Echo
  • Connect Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Talk to Alexa.
amazon alexa price
  • Echo Dot-$49.99/ Rs 4,099.00
  • Echo-$99.99/Rs 8,999.00
  • Amazon Echo Plus-$149.99/Rs 14,999.00
  • echo Spot-$129.99
  • Amazon Echo Show-$229.99

amazon alexa skills/amazon alexa commandsSee them now

amazon alexa vs google home vs Apple homepad

comparision Apple homepad vs Google Home vs Amazon Echo


alexa amazon app-Download Now

cortana  windows 10


Cortana Logo

cortana download/cortana windows 10 download-Cortana xap file

cortana apk/cortana for android- Cortana apk file

cortana meaning-a synthetic intelligence character in  Halo  game by Microsoft

Introduced on April 2, 2014
Available on Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox OS
Available in English ChineseFrench German Italian Japanese Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish


cortana disable 

Press Start Key, look for regedit, and open it.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows.

Right-click the Windows Folder, Select  New > Key.

Type in Windows Search, and Press enter.

Select Windows Search. In the right-hand side pane, right-click in the empty area

Select New – DWORD and input 32 bit value

Type in AllowCortana, and hit enter.

Double-click AllowCortana, and type in 0 under Value Data.

cortana CommandsSee them now


siri iphone 


siri official logo

siri full formSpeech Interpretation and Recognition Interface

siri meaning-the name “Siri” comes from the Scandinavian origin and the meaning is -beautiful victory

siri online/talk to siri -http://rebot.me/siri-4

siri actress-Susan Bennett

how to use siri
  • Press and hold the iPhone’s  “Home” button
  • Once Siri has opened,  ask a question Siri will automatically detect when you have stopped speaking
  • If you requested Siri to do something such as send an email or text, First Siri will show you a draft of the message.  To send the message,  simply say  “send”

Introduced on October 14, 2011
available on iOS 5 upwards,tvOS,watchOS and audiosOS
Language Supported- English Arabic Chinese Cantonese, Mandarin, Mandarin Taiwan Danish Dutch Finnish French German Hebrew Italian Japanese Korean Malay Norwegian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish

American voice of Siri was given by Susan Bennett
The original British male voice was provided by Jon Briggs
The  Australian voice was given by Karen Jacobsen




Bixby official logo

Introduced on April 21, 2017
Available only for Android Platform
Understands three languages viz English, Korean and Chinese
It comes in 3 parts namely Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision and Bixby Home
Supports Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy, A and J series


bixby app/bixby apk official link

Google Assistant


google Assistant official Logo

Introduced on May 18, 2016, as part of Allo app
Coded in C++ language
Designed for Android, iOS and KaiOS platform
google assistant available in English Hindi Indonesia, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish


google assistant app/google assistant apk-google assistant download


how to use google assistant-Install google Assistant app if not installed.Then long Press Home button of your Smartphone or simply say enable Ok google and you are good to go.

Smart features of Google Assistant

Screen Unlock-Google Assistant comes with amazing features to go pass through your lock screen. When a user enables Smart lock in his phone then there is no need to enter the PIN or pattern to unlock the phone. All you need is to say “OK, Google” and you are done. But this is quite risky if another user has access to your phone and his or her voice sample stored in the phone database

Ask any Questions-Well, it is quite tiring and lengthy to search for answers on google sometimes. We don’t get exact answers what are we looking for. Google Assistant comes to rescue to this. How about asking queries like “who was the first president of Uganda?‘or something like “What is the capital of Nigeria” or something sporty like “Who won the first Euro Cup?”.Google Assistant provides instantaneous and exact answers to these questions

Subscriptions-Google Assistant can be your best advisor as well as your best mentor.
if you like to learn a polished language you can add free subscriptions of Idioms, Proverbs, Quotes, and Jokes daily, weekly or monthly at a specified time. It is quite fruitful in enhancing your skills at language

Funny Side-Google Assistant is technical but equally funny and intimate.it cracks jokes that makes us burst into laughter. When you asked like “Tell me some tongue twisters.” or “what does the fox say” then you get exciting funny responses. You can engage yourself a whole day long and you won’t get bored a little bit


Booking movies tickets and pay bills-You don’t have to worry too much now on your schedule. Google Assistant would do your tough jobs now.it would book movie tickets, shopping tickets, pay for your rents and bills and much more

Read Messages and Emails-We are so busy these days that we don’t give a moment to check out our emails. So you can head to help to assistant
Google assistant can read your emails associated with your device. All you need is to give a command like “Read my Emails” or “Show me my Mails” then you are good to go

Remember things-Remembering things becomes quite itchy sometimes. Long Passwords, Registration numbers etc sometimes slip out of our heads. We make silly mistakes such as forgetting Keys, credit cards ID proofs etc. This all can be resolved by just taking little help of google assistant. Say something like “Remember I have kept my keys on the drawer of the table” or “My School ID number is xyz etc. You can get a quick reminder by just asking google assistant “Hey Google tell me what I told you to remember”

Play Games-Google does not work only technical and helping issues but it also comes with an inbuilt variety of games. You can play Quiz games, Audio Games, guessing the Google Doodle or even perform an A.I Experiment such as building your infinite drum beat. Well, these come handy in free time to kill.

Plan the day-just say “Plan my day” to google assistant and you would get a bunch of information. The Assistant would show you your location, temperature and fresh news available near you. You can set reminders to your tasks and go ahead with your day

Advanced Features

Google Duplex-Google has recently announced its highly advanced Artificial Intelligence technology called Duplex. What would it be like when a bot would answer phone calls like a real person and book appointment. Google Duplex would allow Google assistant to act as a real human and easy our daily stuff. This technology is still under development and it would be exciting to see when it comes to the stable before us.

Continued Conversations-Presently google assistant do our all tasks on our commands but every time we have to say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” to give the fresh commands. In the upcoming years, it would work on ‘Continued Conversation’ to maintain the flow of the interaction between a user and the assistant. It would not only maintain the fluency but also provide a feeling of natural conversation between humans.

google assistant iphone 

Step #1. Firstly, download Google Assistant on your iOS device.

Step #2.  launch it. Then, sign in using your Google account.

Step #3. Give necessary Permissions

Click on  Yes I’M IN button

Step #4. Click on Next at the bottom right corner.

Step #5. Next Click on the microphone button at the bottom center. Then, Give  access to your microphone by tapping OK i

google assistant for pc

Install Android-x86 based on android 7.1 Nougat

Install any of the above iso in VirtualBox or on your HDD


google assistant device-Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Mini

turn on ok google /turn off ok google/ok google everywhere-Tap the menu button on your device and choose Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” Detection.

Check the box next to “From any screen”

Pros of voice assistants


Minimal error-voice assistants are programmed with bits of voice data. The accuracy of Google speech recognition is 95% which has increased to 20% compared to  2013. Voice input accuracy of Cortana is 90%. Alexa can operate from quite a long distance.we can give commands from next room. voice inputs are fast and accurate inside voice assistants and chances of error are minimal.

Image result for voice recognition statistics

Source-SEO Expert Brad

Image result for google assistant infographic

Source-Business Insider

Boon for visually impaired-Artificial Intelligence has proved to be a life-changing perspective. voice assistants make daily tasks easier for these disabled people. They are helping them to learn languages, learn a musical instrument, interpreting questions and answers and some light moments.

Cons of voice assistants

robots and the future of unemployment-artificial intelligence are taking its grip in almost every sector such as marketing, medicine, gaming etc. With minimal error rate and high accuracy Robots are given preference to the various designation which is leading to unemployment to humans. Now there is no requirement for the dealer at the shopping mall, no instructor at machinery, no taxi driver, no courier delivery man. Automation has replaced human labor

Image result for unemployment and artificial intelligence stats


Privacy-voice assistants record our speech data and send it over to their respective servers. However they don’t give a clear-cut answer when they question such as “Alexa, Are you recording this conversation?” or “Alexa, Are you sending my information to the government.” or “Ok Google Do you work for CIA? “.Alexa Echo devices either respond that they don’t understand the query or the device shutdowns automatically. This is a serious Privacy issue. Voice payments are latest trends of marketing but these are not fully secured yet

Emotional lack-voice assistants are quite apt at performing commands but there lacks emotional touch within them. They do not let us feel like a lively human conversation.
Machine Interaction of humans can progress at zero error phase and extreme accuracy but an understanding of emotions and feelings would always be a gap between them

the future of voice technology/future of voice assistants-Amazon devices hold the largest share of the market for voice software followed by Google. Voice is the future of A.I.The market for AI-driven personal assistants reach more than $12 billion by 2020 with 1.6 billion active users, In the upcoming years we will not find voice assistant technology not only in our smartphones but in almost every smart devices and home appliances such as smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Cars, Refrigerators etc.it would not be wrong to say that dream Sci-Fi Concepts which we saw in Hollywood movies like J.A.R.V.I.S assistant of Mr. Stark in our daily life,iRobots army in human worlds would become reality someday very soon as per latest voice assistants trends

Image result for future of voice assistants stats



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Well, hope you liked this post. Do let me know in the comments section below what is your favourite voice Assistant and How much time do you spend with your assistant daily.

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